Our Story

At Tally Health, we’re changing the way we age.

Inspired by the opportunities unlocked by breakthroughs in longevity and aging research, we set out to create a company whose mission would be to help people live their fullest lives, for as long as they could. We want to change our relationship with health and aging and start a new movement – where we think less about aging, and more about living.

Aging is a primary risk factor for many of the common diseases and conditions that cause most deaths, including cancer, dementia and cardiovascular disease.

Today’s healthcare system attempts to treat the manifestations of aging one by one, “whack-a-mole” style, instead of addressing the root cause.

Aging research now shows that less than 10% of how you age is determined by your genetics, which are pre-set at birth. That means that more than 90% of how you age is due to lifestyle and environment.

Through science-backed tools and resources that help slow down the effects of aging and unlock deeper health and vitality, Tally is your health ally who is with you on every step of your journey to healthier aging.

The Science

Cutting-edge technology and longevity research are in our DNA. Discover how we’re transforming the future of aging.

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Our team

  • David Sinclair, Ph.D.

    Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

  • Whitney Casey


  • Melanie Goldey

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Trinna Cuellar, Ph.D.

    VP Biology & Head of Research & Development

  • Kyle Humphries

    Head of Product

  • Garret Ma

    SVP of Operations

  • Max Shokhirev, Ph.D.

    Head of Bioinformatics

  • Adiv Johnson, Ph.D.

    Director of Research & Innovation

  • Nicole Torosin, Ph.D.

    Bioinformatics Scientist

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