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Science-backed supplements, personalized DNA-driven insights, and epigenetic testing to help take control of how you age.

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Science-backed longevity supplements

You want to live healthier, longer, and we know how to get you there—with cutting-edge pro-longevity formulations designed to help you slow aging from the inside out.

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Within 12 months, over 62% of Tally Health members lowered their epigenetic age by an average of 2+ years

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  • Tally has improved the quality of my life! I take their supplements daily and have noticed an appreciable difference in my energy level as well as helping me maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

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  • Vitality gives me unique access to longevity supplements that are selected from robust and promising scientific research.

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  • I have more energy and endurance. I am seeing subtle, positive changes in the way I look. Overall, I feel stronger! I attribute these changes to Vitality/Amplify!

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Aging science

Aging is a complex process characterized by molecular, cellular, and physiological dysfunction.

Our DNA experiences radical changes that affect how well we repair damage and respond to stressors.

Everything from lifestyle, to diet, to how we manage stress impacts our bodies at the cellular level.

We can now measure molecular changes that occur with age through DNA methylation sites and help slow the process.

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Science with standards

Our pursuit for living healthier, longer is only matched by our relentless pursuit for quality. All Tally Health supplements must adhere to three uncompromising criteria:


  • Safe and well-tolerated

    There must be multiple double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human clinical trials indicating that a specific dose is safe and well-tolerated.

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  • Targets hallmarks of aging

    There should be strong mechanistic evidence indicating that each molecule can alleviate established hallmarks of aging.

  • Proven longevity benefits

    There should be peer-reviewed published data in animal models that ingredients extend lifespan and/or enhance healthspan.

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Peer-reviewed publications by
Tally Health scientists

  • Human age reversal: Fact or fiction?

  • A set of common buccal CpGs that predict epigenetic age and associate with lifespan-regulating genes

  • Glycine and aging: Evidence and mechanisms

  • Apigenin: a natural molecule at the intersection of sleep and aging

  • CheekAge: a next-generation buccal epigenetic aging clock associated with lifestyle and health

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